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Trial lesson 30 Chf

For Hatha Yoga 30 Chf per lesson

For Power Yoga 30 Chf per lesson or 250 Chf for 10 lessons


Pregnancy Yoga 10 lessons 250 Chf


Yoga for kids 12 lessons 250 Chf

Yin Yoga / Aromatherapy 30 CHF per lesson or 250 Chf for 10 lessons

Ashtanga Yoga for teenagers 10 lessons 200 Chf

Ashtanga lessons only

First possibility for the payment: 

First time in a week 30 chf 

Second time in a week 20 chf 

Third time in a week 10 chf 

Fourth, fifth, six time 5 chf 


An example if you come 6 time per week you pay 12,5 chf per lesson

If you come only twice a week  25 chf per lesson 

If you do not come during the week you do not pay 

Second possibility for the payment: 

Monthly pass: all Ashtanga lessons 200 chf 

*Special lessons, workshops, Sunday lessons are not included

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