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Trial lesson 30 Chf

For Hatha Yoga 30 Chf per lesson / 10 lessons = 300 Chf + 1 free (valid for 4 monthes)

For Power Yoga 30 Chf per lesson or 250 Chf for 10 lessons


Pregnancy Yoga 10 lessons 250 Chf


Yoga for kids 12 lessons 250 Chf

Yin Yoga / Aromatherapy 30 CHF per lesson or 250 Chf for 10 lessons

Ashtanga Yoga for teenagers 10 lessons 200 Chf

Ashtanga lessons only

First possibility for the payment: 

First time in a week 30 chf 

Second time in a week 20 chf 

Third time in a week 10 chf 

Fourth, fifth, six time 5 chf 


An example if you come 6 time per week you pay 12,5 chf per lesson

If you come only twice a week  25 chf per lesson 

If you do not come during the week you do not pay 

Second possibility for the payment: 

Monthly pass: all Ashtanga lessons 200 chf 

*Special lessons, workshops, Sunday lessons are not included

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