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Anna is authorized KPJAYI level 2 Ashtanga Yoga teacher and received as well the blessing to teach from the son of Pattabhi Jois (Manju Jois)  She has been practicing yoga for over 25 years. In 2008 she was introduced to Ashtanga yoga and instantly was captured by the beauty of this unique style.

She has been blessed with the opportunity to practice and study with senior teachers such as Richard Freeman and Mary Taylor (participating to their magnificent 200 hours course in USA / Colorado), Manju Jois (various teacher trainings primary and intermediate), David Swenson (teacher training, primary series) and Kristina Karitinou (various teacher trainings from primary and intermediate series). Anna feels that the most important quality for an Ashtanga teacher is to continue to be a student. She keeps practicing on a daily basis under senior teachers' guidance, and every year she returns to Mysore to study with Sharat Jois.



English version (Russian below)

I am practicing since I was young, first with classic and folkloristic dance in Lviv , Ukraine. In 2001 I started teaching fitness and aerobic as well as yoga, which became my personal passion.
Since many years I have been continuing to deepen my knowledge and studies in PowerYoga and Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga at PowerYoga School of Roberto Bocchi in Torino, where I’ve got the certificate of PowerYoga instructor level 5.
On the other side I deepened my knowledge also in Ashtanga Yoga . I did Teacher Training 1 and 2 series with Kristina Karitinous and attended several Ashtanga Yoga workshop with authorised teachers like Lino Miele, Eddie Stern, Manju Jois, Gabriele Severini, Laruga , Arne Espejel and Taylor Hunt.
I continue practicing with authorized level 2  teacher Anna Babenko Elbaz. 
I love yoga because it’s harmony of the nature. Yoga teaches to be aware of the body, breath and soul. 

Привет , меня зовут Кристина . 

С молодых лет я занималась классическими и народными танцами во Львове на Украине . С 2001 года преподавала в фитнес клубе разные стили аэробики и в том числе йогу. С этого времени очень заинтересовалась и увлеклась Йогой. 

С 2010 года продолжаю учить и углублять знания по Силовой Йоге (PowerYoga) и Аштанге Йоге с учителем Роберто Бокки в Турине . 

5 уровней по PowerYoga 

Teacher training по Аштанге Йоге первая и вторая серия под руководством Кристины Каритинос . Принимала участие на семинарах с Лино Миеле, Эди Стерн, Манжю Джойс, Габриеле Северини , Арне Эспехел, Ларуга , Тайлор Хант . 

Продолжаю практиковать ежедневно с Анной Элбаз Бабенко авторизованный преподаватель по Аштанге Level 2 .



During the years when I was going through studying and formation and afterwards when I started to teach, I had the wonderful experience of this amazing practice "The Art of Living" and this is the message I try to transmit during the Hatha Yoga lessons I teach.



In 2007 I started my three years training at the Ananda Ashram where I attained my degree of yoga


After that I followed several formative and detailed studies addressed to Yoga during pregnancy, Yoga

for childhood and elderly people where I present the courses beside the ones for adults.

Recently I started the KRI – International Teacher Training in Kundalini Yoga – in order to go in-depth

and expand my knowledge in this wonderful discipline that is Yoga. I always feel a huge joy when sharing

with others practices and teaching I learned and the consequent psychophysical well-being given by




I started to practice Ashtanga Yoga 17 years ago in New York.

My first teacher was Eddie Stern. Now I practice daily with Anna.

During the years I made , and I do, a lot of Workshops with great teachers like Kristina Karintou, Gabriele Severini, Manju Jois and David Swenson.

Thanks to the desire to deepen my knowledge I completed the Teacher Training RYT 200hr Yogal Alliance I have participated to the 200h course of Richard Freeman in USA.

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