Summer Holidays
We are on holidays from August 3 to 24
We wish you a fantastic summer
Yin Yoga / Aromatherapy
From June 1st Monday 12h
Opening Studio Yoga Amrita May 11th
Opening Studio Yoga Christmas 2019
Opening Studio Yoga Summer 2019
Arne Espejel
13-25 May 2019
Power Yoga
Sunday 24 9:30
Workshop Kristina Karitinous
09-11 November 2018
Anatomy workshop for yoga teachers
Workshop with Manju P. Jois
19-23 October 2019
TTC2 Kristina Karitinous
4/05/2018 to 16/05/2018
Teacher training Intermediate Series
12 to 24/05/2017
Teacher training Primary Series
Workshop with Gabriele Severini
09-11 December 2016